Pajaro Street Bar & Grill

History and Art

Deamer and wife Lisa opened Pajaro Street Grill in June of 1999. It took a year for Deamer to convert the building to a restaurant from its only previous use, Clayton's Cleaners. In 2007 Deamer became the first Salinas applicant under new city codes to convert the building to multi-use, adding residential. The great wall started with Deamer and Lisa throwing a party prior to the restaurant opening in which everyone was requested to bring something for the wall. At the party Deamer did a small section of the stucco so that everyone could see what he had in mind. “We then gave all another three weeks to come up with more items for the project.” There are many memorial tiles in the wall including the shrine for Lisa who passed away in 2014. All the art is for sale, created by Deamer and his mother Marian Dunn. “I explain to folks that in general, the beautiful art is ma's, while mine is the more bold and whimsical.” Twice together, Marian and Deamer led a group to La Romita School of Art in Umbria Italy. These excursions served as a template for the third in the Omar novel series, Omar T in Umbria. There is a pre-great recession and post great recession PSGrill history. The prior was marked by seven years in a row receiving the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence. “We are still the only restaurant in the history of Salinas to receive this award.” Ask to see the Pajaro Special Wine List to see the remnants of this past. Post the great recession, Deamer reached out to the community sharing the kitchen with other food businesses as well as creating alliances with local musicians and merchants. The result is the current more casual and affordable restaurant of today.

Author Deamer Dunn

Deamer began writing his first novel in 1992 on a five-week, five thousand mile drive through Mexico, following his being bought out of his first owned restaurant, Ryan Ranch Rotisserie and Market. Creating “Strength and Grace” was a long journey, an adventure that resulted in my falling in love with the art of writing. Then came the Internet romance story, “meetandtell.com”, followed by the first Omar T novel. “I knew I would eventually have to create a foodie character that traveled the world.” In the tradition of a light-hearted contemporary mystery novel, enter the son of a restaurateur and an artist, Mr. Omar T Black. He is a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none, with passions for women, food, adult beverages, art and adventure. Part travel book, part mystery, part literary reference, these stories are fun and culturally descriptive. Chef Omar enlightens readers to local cuisine with detailed descriptions and recipes. Art and literature aficionado Omar is drawn to the mysteries of creativity and thought. Omar T the man falls in love, and/or lust, rather easily. All Omar T novels carry a guarantee of lifting your spirits as well as feeding your appetite for good food and great living! Check out Deamer's Sketchbook/Journal/Coloring book series, filled with sketches, stories and blank pages - books you can make your own.

Pajaro Street Incubator Kitchen - For Rent
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