Pajaro Street Bar & Grill

In addition to offering affordable, unique and comforting food and beverages on a nightly basis, Pajaro Street Bar & Grill has now dedicated itself to being the community restaurant. We have partnered up with community workers such as the Salinas Police and Firefighters, local Belly Dancers, our local market, Star market and other individuals and groups so together we can celebrate our community, charities and businesses. “I came to the conclusion,” states owner Deamer Dunn, "that working together with the assets we do have, we can help each other create a bridge to the members of our community. We try and create an atmosphere and events that enhance the ability of Salinas residents and workers to intermingle, relax together and promote the community. Though our area has suffered greatly during this horrific recession, we still have incredible assets and if we partner-up, we can enjoy what we do have and better tackle the challenges we all face going forward.”

Deamer and Pajaro Street Bar & Grill returned to 435 Pajaro Street in Downtown Salinas after a 2 year break. After 10 years of running the Grill, Deamer leased the restaurant to Café de Jour, which was unfortunately swallowed up by the economic downturn in the fall of 2008. Deamer returned in 2010 and opened a simple wine bar while he decided what would be best for the space. The result is the reopening of the Grill with a new look and an expanded bar with views of the open kitchen and has now evolved into the current "Community Restaurant" theme. “What was clear to me is that people wanted to see the return of a grill but with more comfort and affordability in the menu,” realized Deamer. “These are tough times so I have simplified the entire operation so we can offer great food at incredibly low prices. That being said we still offer some premium items and offer on a regular basis unique items like Wild Boar, Buffalo and Elk. Appetizers run from $3-$8, sandwiches start at $7 and meal size dishes start at $9. The very popular Orange Marmalade Duck $21, Bronzed Salmon $14 and baby back ribs $23 full rack and $12 for a 1/2 slab return along with an array of new unique items such as Thai shrimp or chicken and beef stew. The Grill also offers a kid's menu with a good variety of $5 kids meals.

There is seating at the bar, a couch sitting area, an upgraded front patio, a flat screen in the bar and plenty of seats so you can come dine, just have a beverage or just creatively loiter. “We offer a variety of board games and encourage people to come and just hangout.” Pajaro Street Bar & Grill wants to be your neighborhood bar/restaurant where you can escape for a few minutes or a few hours. “I've had a couple of customers say they see us as the “Cheers” of Salinas where you can stay in touch and catch-up with your community.

The martini bar features 40-48 proof vodka, gin, tequila, rum and whiskey. These lower alcohol liquors are smoother and more aromatic so they make wonderful martinis. All the martinis are doubles so your can enjoy them in the giant martini glasses. “We offer a variety of cocktails and shooters, but we mostly serve ice cold shaken martinis because they are so delicious and fun.” Pajaro Street offers local wines by the glass and still has a good variety of wines by the bottle on its Vintage Wine List.

Pajaro Street is now a place where you can have a drawn out spectacular meal, a refreshing martini, or a quick couple of appetizers before a movie. It is also a place where you can play with your smart phone or laptop utilizing the wireless internet or just creatively loiter. Whichever your need or desire, Pajaro Street promises friendly service and an atmosphere colored by beautiful art and music.