Pajaro Street Bar & Grill
Certified Commercial Kitchen Sharing Service

Bakers, Caterers and wholesale food preparers, Pajaro Street Bar & Grill's kitchen is available for hourly, weekly or monthly sharing programs. The restaurant is only open 5-9pm Tuesday-Saturday leaving a lot of time for kitchen sharing. The kitchen is open - you will never be overheated or claustrophobic. Our plans go for $20 - $35 an hour with monthly plans offering even better rates. The kitchen is fully equipped, 6 burner/2' flat grill w 2 ovens (Montague gas that fits up to 4 full sheet pans per oven). There is some dry storage, walk-in refrigeration and freezer space available as well as a commercial dishwasher and everything you need to produce virtually all types of cuisine. With 35 years of food industry business, Deamer can help you with all your needs in establishing and growing your food based business whether it is with contacts and/or rules and regulations. Beyond the pleasure of working in such an open well stocked kitchen, you have access to many benefits to help incubate your business. Contact Deamer at psgrill@psgrill.net to discuss your food preparation needs.

Some of the benefits of sharing kitchen space and time from Pajaro Street Bar & Grill:
- 1.Certified Kitchen - open, spacious, working time to yourself, fully stocked, capable of producing virtually any type of quality cuisine
- 2. Double Montegue Gas Ovens - each holding up to 4 sheet pans or 2 cupcake/cake sheets (even temperatures, even moist cooking and baking)
- 3. Wireless internet for free internet access
- 4. Business Address - renters can use the business address
- 5. Easy parking and access to the kitchen
- 6. Great Location - by being right in the middle of downtown you have easy access to all the business/government & most densely populated areas of the city. Pajaro Street have some of the busiest traffic in and out of the city allowing great exposure to your business. Monogramed vans and cars get great exposure, safety and attention by being parked on Pajaro Street.
- 7. Connections to all of Pajaro Street's internet and social media sites
- 8. Easy to clean kitchen with an excellent record and relationship with the Monterey Health Department.
- 9. Storage space available (Dry, Refer and Freezer)
- 10. Affordable, flexible rates and monthly plans
- 11. Ice machine for icing down product

-12. Commercial dishwasher for easy, efficient clean-up
- 13 Knowledgeable, flexible consultant. 35 years in the food business available to help. We want you to have success. With Deamer on the property, you have easy access for expertise. By working with Pajaro Street Bar and Grill you gain an association with a successful community connected business that has been a part of Salinas since 1999. This relationship will help you establish yourself through an additional source of exposure and association.

Multiple surfaces for prep

Double Ovens, Charbroiler, flat grill, 6 burner stove, fryer - bakers carts for storage

Dedicated Storage Space - Dry, Refer & Freezer